Michael Steele: Trump will get nomination

Posted at 9:45 PM, Apr 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-08 21:45:01-04

After Ted Cruz claimed the Wisconsin primary, some people believe Cleveland's convention will determine the Republican nominee for president.

Former Lieutenant Governor and RNC chair Michael Steele says that all this talk about a contested election could be for not. He believes Donald Trump will be the nominee.

The math isn't so simple. You know the magic number is 1237. That's the number of delegates a candidate needs before being crowned the presidential nominee for the Republican party.

While the loss in Wisconsin may have slowed front-runner Trump, Steele says that with New York coming up, it will be merely a bump in the road.

"Clearly the dynamic is in favor of Trump at this point. He is going to use that momentum out of New York, I think his numbers are going to be big there. He could potentially take all 95 delegates out of the state," Steele said.

Steele said the momentum will then push him into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast state followed by the Western states, all in Trump is expected to do well.

The New York primary is Tuesday April 19, 2016. 

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