Md. presidential campaigns watch Tuesday results

Posted at 9:22 PM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-15 21:22:04-04
The presidential campaign trail will be making it's way through Maryland shortly as campaigns have already begun working to woo voters.
Though the Maryland primary is more than a month away, local politicians have been working to recruit voters for both Democratic nominees. 
After a surprising victory in Michigan last week, supporters for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are hoping their early efforts in Maryland will pay off. Keanuu Smith-Brown, a member of the Maryland for Bernie Sanders steering committee said much of the early work was put in months ago.
"There's hundreds of people making phone calls. We're going to be working on knocking on doors very soon," Smith-Brown said. 
To bolster support, a rally is planned Saturday in Baltimore where he says a large turnout is expected.
"When we see poll numbers, we don't care about those poll numbers, because we've seen it over and over again," Smith-Brown said. "We've come from three percent, four percent nationally, to now beating her [Clinton] in some polls."
Close finishes are expected Tuesday. Sanders polled slightly ahead in Missouri. In Ohio and Illinois, Sanders recently closed in on Hillary Clinton's lead.
Sanders' team is hoping for upsets in Illinois and Ohio to increase momentum before Maryland.
Clinton's Maryland campaign says not so fast.
"We have 38 team leaders spread out  the state covering all the counties and cities in Maryland," said Courtney Watson, a state 'authorized representative' for Clinton's Maryland campaign.
Watson said the campaign began laying the ground work last summer. To hold their lead, Watson said it's important to highlight contrasts between the two contenders. 
"We do not believe there is anything to worry about in Maryland, but we want to make sure we get as high of a percentage of the vote as possible," Watson said.
On the Republican side, polls show a tightening race in Maryland, with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz closing in on front runner and businessman Donald Trump. Trump once held a 17 point lead, but a recent poll gave him a nine point lead.
ABC2 News was not, however, able to get comment from either campaign by email or phone.