Sheila Dixon announces crime plan

Posted at 5:47 PM, Jan 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-05 05:58:31-05

Baltimore ended a historically bad year.

Nearly 350 homicides, a 22 year record; shootings surged by 72 percent.

The difference from year to year is stark, bleaker still if compared to 2011; a year known for positive crime records, namely the historically low mark of 197 homicides.

That number is one Sheila Dixon, even one year removed from office at the time, says she owns.

"It was my plan…,” Dixon said, “That is part of the plan I want to reinstitute along with a whole host of new ideas."

Those ideas, new and old are outlined on the former mayor's website.

There are four overall points aimed at creating a safer city.

Targeting the most violent offenders is the first and most recognizable to her previous administration with de-emphasizing arrests, focusing on guns and making the repeat violent offender the No. 1 priority.
It is what she said worked before and what will work under a new Dixon administration

"You have to have a strong strategy and plan when you are going after the most violent offenders and you are going after gun offenders and you have to work very closely with the prosecutor as well as our other partners and really to deal with that and take it to another level," Dixon said.

Beyond enforcement is Dixon's commitment to high police standards by increasing the power of the independent civilian oversight board as well as better officer engagement, training and technology.

Synchronizing other city agencies with the crime fight is part of the plan as well.
Finally, Dixon’s public safety plan aims to reclaim the public trust and redefining community policing.

Dixon said she was open to bringing some public safety experts back from her old administration, but also liked what she is seeing so far from the current police commissioner.

"If I and when I become mayor, I'm going to look and evaluate the job that he is currently doing and if that is working, then there is a potential for a great relationship. For me public safety is the first and foremost job as a mayor."