Judge's verdict in Goodson trial expected Thursday

Posted at 10:12 PM, Jun 22, 2016

UPDATE: Goodson has been found not guilty on all counts.


The state of Maryland charged Officer Caesar Goodson with the most serious crimes surrounding last year’s in custody death of Freddie Gray.

Seven charges altogether from misconduct in office to second degree depraved heart murder.

Prosecutors called about 20 witnesses to make its case that Goodson had ample opportunity to seat belt Freddie Gray or offer him medical attention and chose not to.

Deputy Chief State's Attorney Michael Schatzow said in his opening statement that Goodson had the “knowledge, training, duty to save Freddie Gray's life and deliberately ignored it.”

The state also contends Goodson gave Gray a rough ride by making a right turn while Gray was cuffed, shackled and unrestrained in the back.

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The defense countered saying Gray's injuries were of his own doing, that he was combative during his arrest and it was too dangerous to belt him in.

Goodson's attorneys say Gray never showed outward signs of needing medical attention until stop 6 and that his injury happened late in the ride and once detected Goodson and others rushed to get him help.

Gray's injury was a freakish accident defense testimony would reveal, not a homicide as the assistant medical examiner claimed.

Officer Goodson acted as a reasonable police officer his defense summed up and the state has done nothing to prove a rough ride or malicious intent by the Baltimore police veteran.

Meanwhile, out of abundance of caution, the Baltimore Police Department has canceled all leave in preparation for Thursday.

A spokesperson says they have no reason to believe there will be a problem but say the department would rather be over prepared.

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