Community reacts to dropped charges in Freddie Gray cases

Department Of Justice Report Cites Damning Evidence Of Routine Civil Rights Violations In Baltimore Police Department
Posted at 3:42 PM, Jul 27, 2016
and last updated 2018-12-31 17:25:59-05

The community in West Baltimore near Freddie Gray's memorial is frustrated after all charges were dropped in the case involving his death in custody of Baltimore Police.

Many agreed the justice system is not working and an overhaul needs to happen. 

"It's never going to be over, there's going to be more Freddie Grays, there's going to be more Trayvon Martins, there's going to be so many more people dying by the day," activist Anita Foster said.

Community members said they are concerned for men in their families if they interact with a police officer.

"I have a black father, brothers, uncles, nephews, and a grandson coming. Their lives are in peril," Shalome Kim Felder said she teaches her boys to be pleasant with officers and keep their hands up to stay safe.

Men in the community say they've been wronged by officers.

"In like 2006, I was beaten by a police officer in my own house," resident George Norfleet said.

Earl Martin said he doesn't have anything against police officers, they do their job, but he and everyone in the area agreed more needs to be done.

Foster yelled that there needs to be new politicians and others said there needs to be more changes within the Baltimore Police Department and the Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights.

Many believe the body cameras and cameras inside wagons that were put in place after Gray's death are not enough.

While no one is happy about Wednesday's decision, they're hoping it doesn't open old wounds from last year.

"I hope not lord Jesus, I hope not. If you do, only thing you're going to do is tear up the neighborhood we live in," Martin said.

Many residents agreed with the judge, saying there was not enough evidence to convict the officers, but say there should have been more investigating, like interviewing witnesses in the area.

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