It's official, Md. schools to start after Labor Day next year

Gov. Larry Hogan signed executive order Wednesday
Posted at 10:26 PM, Aug 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-01 08:49:15-04

Maryland public school students will now have a longer summer break next year. Great news for the kids, but not everyone is happy about it.

Governor Larry Hogan announced he would sign an executive order to start all Maryland public schools after Labor Day.

Making the announcement in Ocean City Wednesday, the governor said it will benefit families, students, teachers, and the economy Hogan claims that the extra week will allow families to take advantage of the state's tourism attractions---like the beaches and the Inner Harbor.

"The action that we're taking is today will help protect the traditional end of summer not only for families on vacation, but also for the teachers, students and those working here in Ocean City and all across the state," Hogan said.

But, lawmakers against the order say it's a detriment to families and students. Senator Bill Ferguson is against the change.

"Families are struggling. Instead were saying lets keep kids home longer and less time in school I think it's foolhardy," Ferguson said.

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Ferguson also said that starting Maryland schools later, isn't the way to prepare children for the future.

"This mandate is so out of touch with what Maryland families want and what Maryland educators believe is best for children," he said.

Some parents are completely on board.

"A lot of families still go on vacation and doing things with their kids and it's not worth them going into school and then missing a day," one parent said.

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Others aren't sure how it will all work out.

"It may be an issue because they bank on those nine and a half weeks of summer and if we extend that that;s more money out of parents' pockets but it;s good for me but might be bad for other parents," said PJ Matthews.

One worry is the price for child care, camps or other activities to keep kids occupied for another week.

"Maryland childcare costs which are enormous, that are a real burden for families so the governor and comptroller are talking about all these family going on vacation an extra week i don't know how many Maryland families they're in touch with," Ferguson said.

Hogan is adamant the change will be a revenue generator for the state.

"The Maryland Bureau of Revenue Estimates found that starting school after labor day will result in more than $74 million dollars in additional economic activity in Maryland. I'm proud to endorse this plan."

Students will begin school after Labor Day in the 2017-2018 school year and school will end on June 15th.

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