Baltimore Police War Room making 'progress'

Posted at 8:09 PM, Sep 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-09 20:09:10-04


That is what the U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein called a group of 14 indictments Wednesday afternoon as he was flanked by officials from his state counterpart, Baltimore Police and members of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

Each of the 14 defendants in separate cases was arrested on federal gun charges which could land them in prison for up to 10 years while helping to boost gun seizure rate in Baltimore city which is currently up 44 percent since July 14.


Rosenstein says Devonte Boon, Derek Anthony Davis, Marcus Davis, Anthony Evans, Dion Green, Gary Hall, Paul Jones, Jemal Kimball, James Kingsborough, Bernard Lawson, Larry Matthews, Daniel McKenzie, Alfred Patterson and Charles Quailes were all felons in possession of a firearm and now face up to 10 years each in a federal prison.

Authorities say it was the unique collaboration of the city's war room that helped target these individuals and develop them into federal cases.

The feds say this could just be step one, there are guns to trace and bullets to track and the scope of these charges can obviously grow into more charges or arrests.

It is an example authorities say of how the war room is working for Baltimore.

While these 14 gun cases are a start, there may be bigger cases coming down the pike as investigators continue working together to connect the dots.

"This is not a victory, this is a step...a continuing step, a strategy that is going to take time. We are not under any illusions that we are going to solve the problem today or this week or this month, but this is going to be continuing effort," saod Rosenstein.

Also, authorities also announced an arrest surrounding that looted and burned CVS at Pennsylvania and North Avenues from the Baltimore riots.

While ATF arrested and a grand jury indicted the man who burned the store, police today said they caught who helped loot it.

According to court documents, Rashad Robertson was caught with some of the prescription drugs looted from that CVS

Robertson was arraigned in federal court Wednesday afternoon.