How to keep bed bugs out

Posted at 9:58 PM, Jan 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-04 21:58:06-05

Baltimore ranked No. 1 in Orkin’s Top 50 Bed Bug Cities list, released by the pest control company Tuesday.

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The National Pest Management Association and the University of Kentucky released a study that said 3 out of 4 U.S. pest providers consider bed bugs the most difficult pests to treat. 

Orkin recommends the following tips for keeping bed bugs out.

  • Survey mattress tags, mattress seams, bed skirts and edges and surfaces of soft furniture.
  • Lift and look underneath the mattress, bed frame, box spring, headboard and framed pictures.
  • Elevate your luggage on a luggage rack away from the bed and wall when traveling.
  • Examine your luggage carefully while repacking and upon return. Always store luggage away from the bed.
  • Place all clothing in the dryer at the highest appropriate temperature for at least 15 minutes after travel.

Orkin also warns that bed bugs can be difficult to identify. Look for in-link stains, cast skins and bites if you suspect bed bugs. 

If you think you may have a bed bug infestation, contact a pest management professional immediately.