Products to help you sleep better and sounder

Posted at 11:44 PM, Apr 07, 2016

If you have trouble sleeping, you are far from alone. Forty-eight percent of Americans report insomnia occasionally, while another 22 percent experience insomnia every or almost every night. 

Odds are you've heard the tips about avoiding caffeine, alcohol and electronics before bed, but now, it could be easier to catch your zzz's than you think.

New products promise sleep relief.  Like almost half of Americans, Cindy Simmons is in search of more sleep.

"When I first go to sleep I have a hard time going to sleep and then, if anything disrupts my sleep in the middle of the night, I have a very hard time falling back asleep," she said.

After participating in a sleep study tests, medical issues for her restlessness were ruled out. A friend suggested an alternative and Cindy was open to the idea.

"She recommended an essential oil called vetiver that I mix with coconut oil, um, and I rub on the bottom of my feet. It sounds like a lot of witch-doctory stuff, but it works," she said.

Dorene Peterson is the President of the American College of Healthcare Sciences.  She said lavender has long been proven to have a relazing effect.  It, and other scents and herbal remedies, are now being offered in new kinds of beauty products.

"There are a number of wellness-based products that can assist with providing a healthier sleep," she said.

From essential oils you can run or dab on your body, to aromatherapy sprays for your sheets, to dead sea salts to be used for a soak in the tub, many new products are popping up, promising to help you rest.

Proponents agree, if the herbal or holistic options aren't working for you after a few weeks, seek out an expert for help.  Cindy is thankful she took the advice again.

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