More parents introducing their children to yoga to help create healthy habits early

Posted at 4:11 PM, Nov 25, 2016
After attending classes for a year now, Gina says her 2 1/2 year old daughter, Maya, is a yoga veteran.
"They do downward dog and then they do it to the wall, so they climb the wall, and she practiced that at home on her own. she took her stuffed animals up against the wall with her," she said. 
Gina is teaching her daughter more than how to eat right now.
Experts like registered dietitian Laura Cipullo say parents are making mindful living a priority, and they have plenty of resources to help.  
"There are now large spas and wellness resorts and even boutique hotels and little mindfulness centers that are opening up, targeting children's wellness, giving them the experience of yoga, meditation, mindful eating," she said.
Shari Vilchez-Blatt runs Karma Kids, yoga studios that cater to toddlers through teens. She hosts superhero, Star Wars, and glow in the dark yoga and even throws yoga birthday parties.  
She said kids come by it naturally.  
"When a baby first lifts up their head, they're in a cobra pose, before they start crawling, they start to get on their hands and knees and being that they're low to the ground on the floor, they look up and that's their cow pose. When they look down, they're in a cat pose," she said.
So, she said, it makes sense to plant the seed early but says it all comes with balance.  
"It's one thing to take your family to a yoga class that lasts 45 minutes to an hour, but mom dad and all the kids may not be up for an 8-day retreat that has yoga three times a day," she said. 
Some resorts host yoga on paddle boards, offer organic gardening and healthy cooking classes geared to kids.  
Cipullo believes the key is to make sure these lessons become a lifestyle.
"When they're exposed to a resort that's offering a massage or meditation, the most important thing is for a parent to bring that home and to reinforce that message and reinforce that skill by implementing daily meditation or morning yoga, before they go to school," she said. 
Maya's mom says her entire family embraces yoga now.  
"They get a sense of peace and learn how to breathe," she said. 
An important tip:  Always make sure a parent is in the room for a massage or facial, no matter what resort or spa you're visiting.