MedStar Health: No patient data was compromised

Posted at 5:11 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-30 17:13:19-04

MedStar Health released a statement Wednesday stating that no patient or associate information was compromised as a result of cyber attack. 

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The statement reads in full:

Within 48 hours of the malware penetration on MedStar Health's information system, the three main clinical information systems supporting patient care are moving to full restoration, and enhanced functionality continues to be added to other systems. We are pleased that our analysis continues to show that no patient or associate information or data have been compromised. MedStar's IT team and cybersecurity experts have worked around the clock to protect the integrity of our clinical data systems, and to restore operations. Clinicians are now able to review medical records and submit orders via our electronic health records. Restoration of additional clinical systems continues with priority given to those related directly to patient care.

The recovery of major clinical information systems followed MedStar's decision to take our systems offline to prevent the spread of the malware identified early Monday morning.

Systems that enable patients to make medical appointments are moving toward full restoration and this will reduce the disruption in appointment setting experienced in the initial hours following the detection of malware. As we bring these capabilities back, we encourage individuals to call their provider's office directly to confirm or make appointments.

MedStar is proud of and thankful to our team of physicians, nurses and associates who dedicate themselves to maintaining high quality patient care and who have continued to provide this care in the face of this despicable attack.

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