Health officials warn women about Zika

Posted at 11:34 PM, Jun 09, 2016

The World Health Organization recently recommended that millions of women in areas where the Zika virus is prevalent delay pregnancy.

Zika is transmitted by mosquitoes carrying the virus. As mosquitoes start to hit locally, doctors are asking people to be proactive in preventing the spread.

Dr. Monique Rainford is a local gynecologist. She says the threat of Zika is real and people need to take precautions. 

"Insect repellent with DEET are EPA certified but they should check the label make sure era certified and also they should perhaps wear long clothes if they have to be out," Rainford said.

Protection against mosquitoes is especially important for pregnant women and they even need to be careful while inside. 

"If you're going to be inside make sure the AC is on, stay in areas that are screened," she said.

The scary reality is the symptoms are vague at best. 

"A mild infection. Some women don't have any symptoms at all," Rainford said. "They may have a rash,they may have a low grade temperature, they may feel a little achy."

With no vaccines or treatment, health leaders are urging vigilance. If you've have had Zika, doctors recommend waiting until it's out of your system before trying to conceive.

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