Day in the Life of a GBMC Simulation Lab Specialist

Posted at 5:04 PM, Dec 14, 2016

When GBMC initially talked about getting a simulation lab, Deb Higgins was among the first in line to get involved.

"I was very excited and went to my boss and I said this is me, it's me all over," Higgins said.

She explained she's loves to teach and is passionate about education.

PHOTOS: Day in the Life of Deb Higgins, GBMC Simulation Lab Specialist

"I felt it was such a creative way to bring education to the healthcare community, and not just to nursing, but to everybody," she said.

In the simulation lab there are mannequins that blink, breathe, have heartbeat sounds and bowel sounds, but the realistic nature doesn't end there.

Higgins said she can use makeup techniques she's learned to demonstrate bruising or different types of injuries, too.

"This is the realest thing you're going to get, next to being there with a patient," Higgins said.

It's a valuable experience for those who come to learn.

"Coming here I feel like learn something new every day, because by teaching it here and practicing we can apply it to real life," Jessica Cornejo, a medical surgical nurse, said.

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