Day in the life of a GBMC bariatric patient

Posted at 1:07 PM, Mar 22, 2016
and last updated 2018-12-27 11:28:29-05

Xavier Smothers-White is helping others to live a more healthy life and focusing on doing the same for himself.

He was a fit, former member of the U.S. Air Force when he injured his knee. But he said he continued to eat as though he was as active as he used to be.

"I ballooned up to 330 pounds, figured enough was enough, and I came to an info session here at GBMC," Smothers-White said.

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He took the leap and underwent bariatric surgery at GBMC. It's a decision that has changed his life.

"The weight loss surgery is a tool, there's still a lot of work that goes into it," Smothers-White said.

He's lost a total of 141 pounds since having the surgery and has shifted into a new profession focused on fitness.

"Post-surgery life has been awesome, I've had a career change. No longer sitting behind a desk I'm out, active, I got a awesome job as a fitness trainer at Planet Fitness and now I spend every day helping other people who aren't quite ready for bariatric surgery get healthy, lose weight," Smothers-White said.

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