Company says it can make EpiPen alternative

Posted at 11:25 AM, Sep 07, 2016

An EpiPen alternative may be making its way to the market.

Imprimis pharmaceuticals announced that it can make a version that would sell for $100.

The company that makes EpiPen is under investigation by the New York attorney general for implementing steep price increases for its emergency allergy treatment.

The price has grown to $608 for a two-pack, up more than 500 percent since 2007. The drugmaker says it will launch a generic version that will cost $300.

Imprimis is able to make a cheaper alternative by compounding other drugs already approved by the FDA to get the same result.

EpiPens are used in emergencies to treat severe allergic reactions to insect bites and foods like nuts that can lead to anaphylactic shock.


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