Norovirus, flu and cold cases increasing in Md.

Posted at 11:55 PM, Feb 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-08 07:28:02-05
It seems like people are feeling sick left and right--  missing days at school and the office. 
"Kids have been in and out, my kids have had the stomach flu. I've been sick," Baltimore resident Lisa Carmichael said. 
From norovirus to regular colds and the flu, emergency room and doctors offices have been packed recently. 
"This winter we've seen a large amount of gastroenteritis and that's like the stomach flu," MedStar Franklin Square's Dr. Darren Mareiniss said.
But hospitals are seeing more than just upset stomachs.
"We're seeing a lot of 'influenza A' here in Maryland. I would say over the last two weeks I've seen a lot cases of that," Mareiniss said.

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The best doctor's advice? Don't try to go to work or school when you're sick.
"You have the flu, there's about a 25-30 percent chance you're going to infect your close neighbor. With respect to the gastroenteritis, the stomach bug that we're seeing, we also suggest that individuals stay home while they have a fever, while they're very symptomatic or vomiting," said Mareiniss.
Good hygiene can curb the spread of nasty germs. 
"Wash your hands frequently, not touch your face, your nose, your eyes because you can inoculate yourself, in addition it's important to keep areas clean," said Mareiniss. 
Doctors say when you're sick staying hydrated is important, especially with stomach illnesses.
The standard advice is that you shouldn't go to work or school until you have no fever for 24 hours. If your symptoms get worse after a couple days, see a doctor immediately.

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