A look at the impact a good night's sleep has on your brain

Meditation for sleep
Meditation for sleep
Posted at 7:35 PM, Jun 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-09 07:05:43-04
Working into the wee hours of the night and being sleep deprived used to be a sign of productivity and success.
But now experts say getting more sleep is hip and cool!  And we found the number of products and companies offering to help you get more zzzzz’s is growing. 
These meditation techniques are helping people learn how to get a better night’s sleep.
Amber says coming to these classes helps turn off her work day stress, “Through meditation, I found ways to fall asleep just by taking a breath and paying attention to myself.”
“Take Five Meditation” studio co-founder, Tara Huber, says the number of people taking their sleep oriented classes is growing.
“It's actually a skill learning how to settle your mind down and be in the moment,” said Huber. 
The desire to get more shut eye, experts say, is now, eye-opening. 
“Sleep is kind of a, a new status symbol if you will. It’s almost like a fashion statement,” said Neuroscientist and sleep expert, Eric Nofzinger, MD. 
Dr. Nofzinger says it’s about time people realize sleep is important. 
We all know what a lack of it feels like but Dr. Nofzinger shows us what it looks like. He showed us one scan of a relaxed brain during a healthy night’s sleep. It’s a nice blue color. But the scan of an insomnia patient’s brain is red and yellow. The brain is racing.
“The better quality of sleep that we can get at night time the better we feel,” said Dr. Nofzinger.
The CDC says not snoozing enough can lead to serious health problems including diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
If you’re one of the sleepy-eyed, we found there are now hundreds of apps, gadgets and devices designed to help.
“There's been an, ah you know, explosion in people purchasing all these products,” said Dr. Nofzinger.
From light therapy helmets to specially weighted sleep masks, globes that monitor your bedroom’s temperature, air quality, humidity and light.  Even sleep tracking discs you put under your mattress or sleep tracking rings. 
“Anytime you have an explosion of information like this you're gonna increase the education, increase the recognition and the importance of sleep,” said Dr. Nofzinger.
Amber says when she leaves the meditation studio she’s more prepared to relax her mind and get some shut eye, “I'm not someone who can just turn it off on my own.”
Still awake? Listen to this: a lack of zzz’s also costs the US more than $400 billion a year in lost productivity.