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Warrant issued for Westminster couple following Pennsylvania assault with a meat cleaver

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Posted at 4:11 PM, May 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-28 16:20:33-04

LITTLESTOWN, Pa. — Chief Charles G. Kellar announced Tuesday that arrest warrants have been issued in an incident that involved an assault with a meat cleaver and a bat.

On November 11, just before midnight, Officer Anthony Gilberto, of the Littlestown Borough Police Department, was called to 145 West King Street for a report of a female screaming for help.

After arriving and investigating, officers found out that a man and a woman had entered the residence without permission. The man, who was holding a meat cleaver, a wooden club and who also had his face covered, proceeded to assault a resident of the home. The woman, who entered behind the man, was carrying a can of pepper spray and used the cleaver to assault a second victim. After assaulting the male victim, the two suspects continued to destroy items within the home, including a fish tank, a TV and some furniture. The two suspects then fled the scene in a silver Ford escape.

A small amount of this encounter was caught on a security camera that was positioned within the home. The camera, which the male suspect ended up knocking over shortly after entering the home, showed the two suspects enter the victim's home, hold the weapons and approach the victim. This video was shared on social media and, as a result, on April 26, an individual, who wished to remain anonymous, identified the two suspects as Dale and Beth Sattizahn, of Westminster, Md.

This tip was then investigated and found to be credible, lining up with the information that Littlestown Police had already had from the investigation.

Upon investigation, detectives found out that Dale died in early 2019. It was reported that on January 25, he was struck by a vehicle on Maryland Route 40. Dale's death had no connection to this incident.

It was also discovered that Beth, as well as her new husband, were wanted by Westminster Police for Armed Robbery. With multi-state and police department cooperation, Beth was located and arrested in North Carolina and later returned to Westminster.

On May 20, Beth Sattiahn-Lane was interviewed by Officer Gilberto at the Carroll County Detention Center and, during the interview, Sattizahn-Lane confessed that she and her deceased husband entered the victim's home and that he assaulted the male victim. She admitted that, in an attempt to scare them, she swung the meat cleaver at a female victim. Sattizahn-Lane explained that this incident was a result of a drug debt, in which she did not receive proper payment for the drugs that she provided to someone in the home. She also explained that the victims, in this case, were not the people that she and her deceased husband were looking to "scare."

She was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of conspiracy, burglary, criminal trespass, criminal mischief and simple assault. Sattizahn-Lane is awaiting extradition to Adams County, so that she may answer to those charges.