Ellicott City businesses face rebuilding, again

ELLICOTT CITY, Md (WMAR) - Severe flooding opens up old wounds dating back to July 2016.

On Sunday Ellicott City's Main Street was once again victimized by flash flooding.

Hundreds of emergency crews once again assembled at an all to familiar location for a mission they hoped to never go on again.

The site of a town fully flooded, people fighting to avoid drowning in deep waters, vehicles hydroplaning, and individuals trapped and stranded inside businesses being destroyed before their very eyes as water filled buildings up at a rapid pace.

The Ellicott City Partnership has reactivated its donation site to help with flood relief efforts. Right now, it is not collecting clothing, furniture or food, just monetary donations. They are also not looking for volunteers at this time. You can check back to the website to see when they are recruiting volunteers to help with the clean up.

One of the locations effected in 2016 was Portallis, a restaurant that has since been on the mend after its total destruction.

Now fast forward to May 27, 2018, not only will Portallis most likely have to once again start over, but so will a town with a historic main street, that is no stranger to rebuilding.  

The restaurant has set up a Go Fund Me to help rebuild, once they get a chance to really assess the damages.


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