Record breaking numbers continue on last day of early voting

Record breaking numbers continue on last day of early voting
Posted at 10:10 PM, Nov 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-02 23:28:15-05

BALTIMORE — There were a lot more layers on the final night of early voting than there was the first night because of the drop in temperature.

Morgan State University has been leading Baltimore City early voting locations throughout and on Monday the city saw a record number of people show up for an early voting day.

The city as a whole had 11,000 people vote on opening day and surpassed that number Monday.

Kimberly Miller didn’t expect to be the last person to cast her vote early at the Morgan State polling place, when she made the last second choice to vote Monday night, instead of on Election Day.

“I had an original idea and it wasn’t going to be this many people but I’m glad there is,” Miller said. “People really are serious about this years election and it’s important that we need change.”

The line was long and full of people voting with different priorities. Some were focused on the presidential race; others seemed more concern about local candidates.

Most people say the entire process took about an hour.

“I was imagining it would be a little less crazy but this long is the longest I’ve seen for regular or early voting,” said Sam Hulse.

Everyone I talked to agreed they were fine with the line because of what it means.

“It’s a little lengthy but hopefully it goes by fast. We’re here for an important reason so,” said Michael Johnson.

Maryland saw record numbers of people come out to the polls to vote early.

Nearly 1 million people voted breaking the early voting numbers from 2016.

“It was necessary to do this,” said Carl Burgess. “This one vote was meant for myself my family and everybody else thats here in Baltimore City.”

The polls will open back up at 7 a.m. for Election Day.

WMAR is told they are bringing in even more equipment to get the line moving a little faster.