Board recommends opening 282 voting centers on Election Day

Posted at 7:01 PM, Aug 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-11 13:50:41-04

ANNAPOLIS, Md — Maryland's Elections Board on Friday voted unanimously on a measure recommending that 282 voting centers be opened for the November 3 general election.

Governor Larry Hogan now has to approve the measure.

It's likely he will, as Hogan sent a letter to Elections Administrator Linda Lamone on Thursday calling for "robust Election Day voting options."

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Earlier in the week, Hogan sent another blistering letter to Lamone, giving her 48 hours to update him on the progress of getting absentee ballot applications mailed out to voters and to provide a number of polling locations that would be available for in-person voting.

Lamone replied the next day, writing that ballot applications would be sent out to all voters by the end of August.

She expressed concern to Hogan about the board's lack of capacity to handle the anticipated large number of completed applications, and said the board was seeking the help of a processing center so voters could get their ballot, fill it out and mail it back, in time to be counted.

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Friday's vote suggested that public high schools be used as polling centers. If approved, voters would be able to cast their ballot at any center in their county.

The board also wants to offer early voting at approximately 80 locations starting October 29 through Election Day.

Another option the board would like to give voters is to have 127 ballot drop boxes available.

Still, the Governor and Board of Elections are encouraging Maryland residents to mail in absentee ballots over COVID-19 concerns.

You can request an absentee ballot by clicking here. The deadline to request one is October 20.

Meanwhile the board continues to look for election judges. Governor Hogan has already allowed State employees 16 hours of administrative leave to work the election.

Judges can earn a stipend of up to $300.

The Board says they're implementing a health plan to keep election workers and voters safe this season.

To apply to be an election judge, click here.