Washington College student wins nation's largest undergraduate literary award

Posted at 10:05 PM, May 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-18 22:09:45-04

An English major, creative writing minor, editor- in -chief of The Collegian, and managing editor of the Washington College Review, has just scored big time!

Known for her writing that frequently examines otherness through the perspective of the insect world, Caroline Harvey has won the prestigious 2018 Sophie Kerr Prize that has run up a value of $64,000.

Harvey submitted a portfolio that included poetry, nonfiction, and an academic scholarship that expressed her interest in connecting science and writing through her thesis "Poetics of Otherness: The Marginalized Experience Through the Insect Lens." 

“Caroline’s work is gorgeously detailed and specific. As a poet and academic writer, she takes as her subject matter things that others may find distasteful and difficult and finds the beauty in them. As an editor, she has worked to facilitate of the writing of others and to build a dynamic and supportive literary community on campus,” says Professor Kathryn Moncrief, Chair of the English department and Sophie Kerr Curator.

The Sophie Kerr Prize winner received her distinct honor while thanking her family, friends, professors, and the staff of the Rose O’Neill Literary House.

Harvey was among five finalists chosen from many student portfolios, essays, poetry, non-fiction, journalism, academic scholarship, and print projects. 

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