Tips for summer learning to help in the classroom

(WMAR) -
When the final bell rings, books go by the wayside and schools out for summer.
But your time away from the classroom doesn't mean you have to cut out your learning.
"It keeps your skills sharp.  It allows them to consume a lot less electronics."
Reading is what the Mom Strategist Mia Redrick is talking about.  Summertime reading can go a long way.
"One of the things we do in our family is called DEAR time and I will tell you initially kids will moan about it, but eventually they will love it and it stands for drop everything and read.  We do it together as a family."
For kids more interested in their electronic devices or television time, Redrick has a trick for them too.
"I've always had my kids if they wanted to watch two  hours of TV, perfect you just have to read for two hours."
While many schools have required reading for helps to get your student interested in reading for fun.
"Find out what your child is interested in and get them a boatload full of books by different authors related to that subject matter and let reading take its course in that way and then make the transition to some of the required reading."
While studies focus on lost learning for middle and high school students, Mia says drop everything and read can help children of all ages.
"Even when you have young kids who are like a 1 or 2-year-old you might say mommy is gonna read her book for one minute and your gonna read your book for one minute to begin to build that muscle of spending time with books."
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