Teaching your kids to tackle their load of homework

Posted at 10:50 PM, Sep 26, 2018

By now those cute backpacks that we started the school year with, are loaded down with books.

The homework is being handed out.


"One of the things that's important for us to do as parents is to teach our kids how to own their own homework."


Mia Redrick, the Mom Strategist says by the time your kids reach third grade, they should be working independently.


"I recommend as parents we are the consultants and not the manager as it relates to homework."


Here's an example.


"I recommend that you are close by when your kids are doing their homework and not sitting next to them when you're doing your homework because it builds co-dependency." 

"Don't check your child’s work as they're doing the work.  Let your child bring you completed homework, the completed assignment.  Then you can ask them if they're any gaps.  You can see them, instead of you solving everything as you go along."


If they do the work, Redrick says they can own the successes.  However, you can play an important role.


"Truly asking your children how much homework do you have, and how long do you think it's gonna take you supports them in the beginning.  Those problem-solving skills so they can figure out how to manage their time."


It'll build confidence, instead of frustration.


"Long-term what you're looking to do is support your young children with operating and building those skills to do their homework on their own.  As they become middle schoolers, high schoolers the have built the necessary habits to be able to independently go to their rooms or work at a desk independently without you."