Students, families react after Maryland school shooting

Posted at 1:06 PM, Mar 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-20 17:45:29-04

After word of a school shooting at Great Mills High School, parents rushed to nearby Leonardtown High School to find out the fate of their children.

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Parents were walking with purpose through the freezing rain to then hover protectively and escort their children to safety. 

Pulling up at Great Mills High Tuesday morning, Sonya Chisholm said she knew something was wrong.

"The security guard said no no get out, we saw the cops run in with their guns we turn around," explained Chisholm. "Then when you see all the cops, the first thing you go to is oh my god, my kid is supposed to be in school learning, I need to go to work. I need my child to be safe and in a safe environment!"

With Chisholm was her daughter Keia, who is a student at Great Mills High School.

"I’m getting tons of texts from my friends, did you guys hear that, Keia are you okay? Are you safe? Did you hear the gunshots? What’s happening?" said Keia. "And it’s like I don’t know because I’m not even in the school and I don’t know who of my friends are safe."

Keia was lucky not to be in one of the classrooms herself because her mom brought her to school late.

"I’m really blessed that she was late, but I really feel for all of the families and my friends," said Chisholm. "I have friends who are in the rooms, and the shots were right outside their room. So we’re now worried about them. We’re trying to figure out where’s Gabby, where’s Isaiah, where’s Carmen, where’s all our kids?"

All of this trauma that students and parents say could’ve been avoided, letting anger replace their fear.

"I just don’t understand how a student from Great Mills is able to get a gun in the first place and why everything’s so easy for students to get hurt when they were just trying to go to school," explained Chisholm.

"We have a right to free education but I don’t have a right to get killed going to it," added Keia. 

Both Chisholm and her daughter are planning on going to the March For Our Lives rally this weekend.