Schools running out of make-up days, some taking back vacation

Posted at 6:19 AM, Mar 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-22 23:03:10-04

Snow days are great for kids until they realize it's going to cost them a vacation day later in the year.

School districts in the area are now trying to figure out how to make up all of the days they've used because of bad weather. Officials say spring breaks are being impacted by this season's bad weather and many students will be going to school until mid-June. 

Here's a look at the adjusted schedules, but most of these plans don't take into account Wednesday's snow day:

Back on March 14, Baltimore City Schools said students would have to go to school on Monday, April 2, the day after Easter, to make up a snow day, but we don't know how they'll make up for Wednesday's closure. On Tuesday, the State Board of Education denied them a waiver to go one less school day than the required 180 days.

Howard County Schools have revised their schedule, students will be going to school on April 4, 5, and 6. They will also have a full day on June 12, and there will be half days on May 18 and June 15. Due to Thursday's closure in Harford County, schools will now be open on March 28. All but one of the built in school days have been used, and the last day of school is still June 14.

Anne Arundel County says they've used all of their built in days, but if they use another one they will seek a waiver from the state to open the Monday after Easter, April 2.

Carroll County has used seven snow days, exceeding the limit by one day. Officials now say the last day of school will be June 15, as opposed to June 14.

Baltimore County acknowledges no snow days remain available in their calender. They plan on reviewing their options through the rest of the week before determining how to move forward.