How to Jumpstart the school year

Posted at 10:39 PM, Aug 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-29 22:45:06-04

When the kids head back to class, the hustle and bustle begins.  If you want to be enjoy it, Mia Redrick says you should prepare for the school year. 


"Back to school nights are the cliff notes for the school year.  It's the first opportunity to meet the school leadership.  It's also a great opportunity to meet the school teachers to find out the expectations, any additional resources that you need for the school year.


Then the  Mom Strategist says, you can get organized.  Something as simple as a calendar can help you navigate the school year.


"Put all of your their activities, team sports, home schedules and away games, any single commitment that we will have during the entire school year on the calendar......It's prevents you from double planning and overlooking something that is really important."



Redrick also says there's a way to make sure your kids are academically ready for the classroom. 


"If you know that your kid is struggling with mathematics, science or something else sign up in advance while your preferred tutors are available."


Being proactive can help prevent self-esteem issues down the road.


"Sometimes you can choose a tutor that will come to the home.  Some school have their in house tutoring programs and then there are also tutoring services that you can invest in."


You can also invest in something smaller Redrick says to make sure your kids are always covered.


"I usually take ten or fifteen dollar gift cards in their backpacks that they are not allowed to use but in the event of an emergency they still have an opportunity to get a quick snack or a drink and then I don't have to feel guilty that my kids didn't have what they need, when they needed it."