Hogan: $12.7 million headed to city schools

Posted at 6:07 PM, Mar 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-10 18:07:37-05
It wasn't the only budgetary announcement Gov. Larry Hogan made Thursday, but part of it included almost $14 million for school systems with declining enrollment.
That money will be broken up between two school districts. 
"As part of an agreement with members of the General Assembly, we are providing $13.8 million in additional one-time K-12 education funding, including $12.7 million for Baltimore City schools and $1.1 million for Calvert County. With this supplemental submitted and a number of critical issues and priorities addressed, we look forward to seeing the budget pass smoothly through the Senate and House over the final weeks of session," the governor said. 
City school advocates gathered in Annapolis just weeks ago to rally after learning the public school school system was set to lose $24 million in state education aid.
They said Baltimore schools already lost $23 million last year that forced lay-offs and they called on the governor to submit a $25 million supplemental budget to cover the anticipated loss.
A school representative said getting half of the lost funding back makes the budget process on their end a little easier. 
"The money will help us support school budgets, increase staffing, and it will also assist us in implementing more math and reading initiatives and we are so grateful to the delegation and the state leadership for this funding," said Karen Parks with Baltimore City schools. 
That funding is planned for fiscal year 2017.