Exchange students learning religious diversity

Posted at 9:42 PM, Jun 03, 2016
A group of students from Indonesia are getting a lesson in religious diversity at Towson University. As part of the U.S. Indonesian Partnership Program, students from Towson and Lehigh University are joining six foreign exchange students focusing on differences in each culture's religious beliefs. 
The class will spend two to three weeks in the U.S. and travel to Indonesia for two to three weeks. While they're in Maryland, Dr. Donn Worgs is focusing on teaching the students about the African American experience in various churches around Baltimore. He's also using last year's unrest as a teaching tool to show the impact religion has on a community. 
"The role of churches and religious leaders in all of those events, if you recall, there were some ministers who were participating in terms of trying to quell the unrest," Worgs said. "We saw the attention and all of the focus that went on in Freddie Gray's funeral."
Dr. Worgs said the exchange students will also learn about major historical events tied to the Civil Rights Movement in our country.