Two teens arrested after trooper involved shooting in Salisbury

Posted at 12:57 PM, Sep 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 12:57:23-04

A 16 and 17-year old are in custody, and a trooper is on administrative leave after the two cars almost crashed on Wednesday. 

A preliminary investigation from the Maryland State Police says that the teenagers were driving southbound on Route 12 in Salisbury around 12:00 in the morning. The driver then crossed the center line, and almost hit a trooper that was driving in the opposite direction. 

The trooper turned around, put on their lights, and tried to stop the car with the teenagers. When the teenagers would not stop the car, the trooper reported that he was in pursuit. 

The trooper then checked the car's tag number and saw the car was stolen. Two other troopers heard the report and headed toward Washington Street hoping to intercept the suspects. 

When getting to Washington St, the other troopers found the suspects running away, and commanded for them to stop. During the chase, a trooper said he saw a suspect reach for his waistband while he was running. The trooper then took out his gun and fired one shot towards the teenager. 

The teenager was not hit and then surrendered. The second suspect was found a short distance away, and was also taken into custody. 

While the two teenagers were being processed, relatives of one of them called the station and reported their wallets and cash had been taken from their car. The suspects had been at their home earlier that night. 

Investigators confirmed the registration plate was stolen several days ago, and the car was reported stolen on September 16. 

Maryland State Police crime scene technicians have processed the scene and say they did not find a gun from the teenager. They did find a cell phone and a bag of suspected marijuana. 

This case is being investigated as a trooper-involved shooting. The trooper that shot the gun has been placed on administrative leave.

The teenagers are being charged as juveniles so their names will not be released.