11 get sick from suspicious letter at Arlington Marine base

Posted at 7:56 AM, Feb 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-28 07:56:10-05

A suspicious letter sent to a Marine Corp base in Virginia made 11 people sick and forced everyone inside of an entire building on that base to get out.

That letter is at an FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia right now for further testing. Law enforcement officials did field tests on the letter on Tuesday and they all came back negative for harmful substances.

It's clear something made those 11 marines feel sick when one of them opened the letter sent to joint base Fort Myers-Henderson Hall just a couple miles from the Pentagon. CNN is reporting those who fell ill complained of burning hands and faces and one of them had a nosebleed.

The building was evacuated and decontaminated. A law enforcement official told CNN the text of the letter was derogatory and rambling and was addressed to a commanding officer at the base.

They haven't identified the sender of the letter or disclosed their relationship to the base.