Parents of missing New Jersey man searching for tips in Howard County

David Gipson Smith disappeared August 5th
Posted at 4:52 PM, Sep 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-28 20:31:43-04

The last text Doug Smith sent his 28 year old son was on Sunday, August 6th.

“How is your day going?” he asked.

It was a message he simply doesn't know if his son ever received.

"We've navigated this and we navigate the emotion of this unique to ourselves I think but, ya know just a piece is missing. You know, there is a piece missing," Smith said.

Because next week will mark two full months since these parents heard from or saw their son.

David Gipson Smith does have a history of abusing drugs and alcohol.

He went to a rehab facility in Annapolis and his parents say wanted to relocate to Maryland from southern New Jersey.

He had been doing well all year so when he said he was going to visit a friend in Lisbon, Howard County, they thought nothing of it.

Police say David was last seen in the two thousand block of Route 94/Woodbine Road.

The last activity on his cell phone was in the early morning of August 6th, nothing has been posted to his social media since then there has been no activity on any of his charge cards.

Doug and Julie Smith are now catching themselves between describing their son as David is, and David was.

"There are times when we have these conversations when you move into the past tense and it is just in large part because we've not been in touch with him for almost 60 days. It's hard and there is the looming possibility that there is a tragedy in the midst of this," Doug said.

For its part, the Howard County Police Department says they continue to search for Smith.

A spokesperson declined an on-camera interview with WMAR-TV but sent the following statement:

“Howard County police are continuing to investigate the disappearance of David Smith. To date, we have had no viable leads on his whereabouts. Authorities have conducted extensive searches for David on foot, by air and with dive teams. Investigators have followed up on numerous tips, and continue to monitor local hospitals and shelters. David’s name has been entered into a national database, in case he is no longer in Maryland. While we have found no evidence of foul play, we are considering every possibility and continue to urge anyone with information to call police at 410-313-STOP or email”

Detectives do say that Smith packed his car with belongings and was known to leave home for weeks at a time but his parents contest that description.

David is a 28 year old man free to do what he wants they say but he always, always stayed in touch.

Nearly 60 days without contact or any trace isn't just abnormal, it's paralyzing.

"It's important for us to go ahead and to discover what's happened if...or where he is at I guess...."

Until then Doug and Julie are stuck between that if...and where.

David Gipson Smith stands 6 ft. 4 in. tall and weighs 230 pounds and has a chest tattoo.

The family is offering a five thousand dollar reward for any tips leading to the whereabouts of Smith.

If you know anything that can help call Howard County Police at 410.313.STOP or you can also call 911.