Body language experts weigh in on Tyler Tessier

Tessier is charged with Wallen's murder
Posted at 11:39 PM, Sep 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-15 11:24:30-04

Laura Wallen's murder came to a shock to those who knew her.  ABC2 spoke to body language experts who tried to bring insight to the case and her alleged killer, Tyler Tessier. 

The Wallens knew that Tessier was a person of interest the case. They knew they could be potentially side by side with their daughter's killer. Our experts say that knowing what we do now, their interactions make a lot of sense.

"The moment he puts his head next to the mom's, it seems forced and fake because the rest of the time there's more of a distance," said body language expert, Rebecca Klein Scott.

"If it had been a different situation where the parents didn't see him as a suspect, they might have put him in between and they may have been the ones holding him up," she continued as she described the way the Wallens and Tessier walked into Monday's press conference.

"He knew by touching her head that was symbolic because there were cameras rolling he knew this was going to be analyzed," Keith Scott, body language expert added.

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As the Wallens and Tessier walked to their seats, the Scotts revealed something interesting in their mannerisms. 

"She held on to him and for that moment you felt that mother in law moment but she let go very quickly," Rebecca Scott said.

Meaning she was uncomfortable and didn't want to be around Tessier.

 "You notice he took his hand and wiped his lips right before he sat down--two things, he's soothing himself but he could also be sweating because of nervousness," said Keith Scott.

At that time, Tessier is unaware he was a person of interest in this case. Our body language experts analyze how he performed at the podium.

"His pauses were long and it broke the flow. Reporter, what does that mean? Keith: He's trying to carefully make sure he crafts his word choices and doesn't say anything to incriminate him.

And in some of the most telling pictures of all, The Wallens and Tessier together--again, the Wallens having to feign affection for him.

"He's for the first time realizing the seriousness of what's happening the world is watching and as he gets more nervous and more anxiety he's wiping his eyes he's touching his legs,"  said Keith Scott.

"At one point where she had her leg crossed over the other , it created a barrier between them  it's saying I'm going to hold your hand because I know I have to," said Rebecca Scott.

Tessier faces life without parole if convicted in the murder of Wallen.