Missing Harford County baby returned

Man sought in alleged kidnapping turns himself in
Posted at 6:17 PM, Jan 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-29 18:17:05-05

Pictured here---Addileah Hawley---the subject of a reported kidnapping at the hands of 28-year old John Fitzgerald Hawley II early Sunday spawning a search that spanned two states before coming to an abrupt halt on Monday morning.

"We have made an arrest,” said Cpl. Daniel Petz of the Havre de Grace Police Department, “We've arrested the man, Mr. Hawley, who we had the warrant for.  We have custody of the child.  The child is okay."
But if Addileah's mother, Mikki Kondilas, had expected a happy reunion, that too ended abruptly when she learned her daughter had been found, not from police, but from a family member.    

"I was very happy to know that she was okay,” said Kondilas, “Nobody would tell me anything.  It's been all one huge game between my mother and my ex-boyfriend's family."
Addileah's mother says her mother cared for the baby for five months while she was incarcerated and wants custody of her grandchild.
Kondilas claims her mother plotted with her ex-boyriend to take the baby and he disappeared with the child on Sunday while she went to buy some cigarettes, and oh by the way, Kondilas adds she recently told the ex that he was not really the father of the infant.
So when police say, "At some point, the child will be reunited with family," the question now is which family member, and Kondilas is convinced they're all trying to make her out to be an unfit mother to a child that she still hasn't been allowed to see or hold since she disappeared.

"She's been the one that's had to suffer and bounced around from drunk house to drunk house with people that don't really care that just want to use her as a pawn and to try to hurt me with her," said Kondilas.

Hours after her return, Addileah remained at the precinct as investigators tried to sort through the domestic dispute, and Monday night, the child's mother says she was finally reunited with her baby after calling the state's attorney's office and threatening to sue the police department.