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15-year-old arrested for stabbing death of brother in Belcamp

Posted at 4:12 PM, Oct 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-26 07:29:11-04

On Tuesday night a family in Belcamp facing the fact that police arrested a 15-year-old for stabbing his 18-year-old brother inside their mothers home on Jervis Square.

When Harford County Sheriff’s Deputies got to the home around 2:30 pm they found 18-year-old Gary Williams bleeding out and his little brother who called to let them know he had stabbed him.

Major William Davis said he’s been called to many sibling fights before but never seen them end with one of them being killed.

“Siblings get into fights,” Davis said. “Brothers and sisters, brothers and brothers, sisters and sisters they get into fights and arguments. For one to go to the measures of stabbing the other in the chest with a knife is not something you see everyday. Not something that I’ve ever seen where it’s two siblings that have resulted in this in my experience.”

Brigette Hardy saw the flashing lights from across the street.

“They were running in like crazy and I was being a nosy neighbor poking my head out seeing what was going on,”. Hardy said. “A few minutes later I see them arresting the kid that lives here.”

Hardy said the boys stepfather is known for his smile and wave personality in this neighborhood.

“Really nice, really genuine and he would just come up to you and ask about your day.”

Bob Cunningham has lived in the neighborhood 20 years and said he’s seen it go downhill in recent years.

“Most of it that have been going on around this area in this Riverside area it is kids mostly,” said Cunningham. “That’s what you mostly see with the drugs and the crime and everything. It seems to be the younger generation and everything.”

A woman named Bethany who just moved a couple houses down this week has a 2-year-old and another child on the way.

Something so violent so close has her concerned and sad for her new neighbors.

“I just hope they get through it I could not even imagine if something like that happened to our little family that we have, and I just feel so sorry.”

Davis said the suspect is being held for questioning.

In July police were called to take the suspect in on an emergency petition for a mental health evaluation.

Davis said the suspect was also taken in for the same reason in 2013.

In both situations, the victim was not involved.

Anyone with information about this stabbing is asked to call Detective Donald Kramer at 443-409-3546.