Gunman in North East triple shooting identified

Posted at 12:03 PM, Sep 10, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-10 12:03:25-04
UPDATE: The Cecil County Sheriff's Office has identified the victims with gunshot wounds as --
Joshua W. L. Hodge Sr. (deceased)
36-year-old male
Seneca Court NE
Shannon D. Burlin
36-year-old female
Seneca Court NE
George M. Thodos
35-year-old male
E. Huron Court NE
The shooter has been identified as 22-year-old Dennis Allen Conte. He is being charged with second degree murder and two counts of attempted second degree murder.

Deputies taped off the crime scene at Lakeside Drive and Seneca Court in North East following a triple shooting Wednesday morning.
This was the second time they had been called to the mobile home park within an hour's time.
Linda Dove dialed 911 the first time, when a man was acting loud and threatening outside in the middle of the night.
"He kept screaming and yelling out there so I thought it was time to call the police, because I've got two grandkids and I didn't want anything to happen to them," said Dove.
After the deputies left, Dove says she heard gunshots and she later learned the man who had been menacing the neighborhood allegedly attempted a home invasion robbery two doors down.
“I know the boy.  He's always treated me with respect, but he was wanting drugs, and that's what happened down here.  Him, his wife and another guy, which I do not know his name other than 'George'---They went down and kicked in that trailer and when they did that drug dealer down there had a gun."
A gun that he didn't hesitate to use, according to Dove, when the intruders tried subdue the homeowner in his front room.
They apparently had no idea he was armed.
"We're country folk.  We don't walk around with guns like they do in the cities and stuff,” said Dove, “We're not gun-oriented people.  They didn't have no weapons.  You know what I'm saying?"
When police arrived they discovered the three victims suffering from gunshot wounds, and one of them, an unidentified 36-year-old male later died at the Shock Trauma Center.
The suspect, who had fled the scene in his car, would not get far.
"That suspect and vehicle were located a short time later in the town of Elkton by Elkton Police Department officers and the subject was taken into custody,” said Capt. Stephen Brownhill of the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office, “He is currently here at our facility and is being interviewed as we speak."
Whether that gunman was justified in his actions or not, his neighbors say they no longer feel safe living inside their own homes.
"The man next door---he's getting ready to move out and then my lady from my church calls me.  She says she's going to try to get me out of here too,” Dove said. “There's always up on the hill, but it's never been on this drag.  I've been here eight years and there ain't never been that kind of trouble."
The female victim who suffered a gunshot wound to the neck and the other man who was shot multiple times were transported to Christiana Hospital in Newark.
Police won't say if they have located the gun that was used in the shooting.

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