People slashed with knife in Elkton home invasion

Suspect later assaulted police in escape attempt
Posted at 4:34 PM, Feb 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-08 17:50:48-05
On a tough street in one of Elkton's toughest neighborhoods, residents may have thought they'd seen in all.
That is, until the sequence of events, which began outside Artemio Murray’s house on Saturday.
"One ol' boy said, 'I'm gonna whip your...'  You know.  I know you're gonna bleep that out, and then the other guy---he just reached over and knocked the pure living hell out of him," said James Holley, who lives down the street.
When officers with the Elkton Police Department arrived, they couldn't determine who assaulted whom, but the 35-year old Murray told police if he dealt with the other man again, he was going to stab him.
That happened later just down Hollingsworth Manor, when Murray rushed the door of the previous combatant, forcing his way inside the home and slashing both the man and his wife with a knife.
This time, police didn't have to wonder who the aggressor was and they arrested Murray on home invasion, burglary and assault charges.
One of the victims said Murray had been under immense stress since his four-month-old son had undergone surgery in Baltimore days earlier, and the hospital had called in Social Services to take the child when he showed up intoxicated to take him home.
But back at Hollingsworth Manor, neighbors are skeptical and say the longer he's held at the detention center, the better.
"If he don't get out, it's better off, because he's the one that stabbed my son three times," Holley said. "I don't know.  Some people just ain't right."
Once police arrested Murray, he was taken to Union Hospital after complaining of pain in his right forearm.
During his treatment, he became irritated and attempted to leave, pushing an officer in the process.
That resulted in additional assault and attempted escape charges.

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