Man arrested after allegedly selling narcotics and firearms

Posted at 12:12 PM, Oct 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-10 12:13:38-04

A man allegedly selling narcotics and guns in Elkton was arrested on Monday after police searched his house. 

Police began investigating the illegal sale of narcotics and guns in the Elkton area at the beginning of October and quickly identified 30-year-old Christopher Wayne Thompson as the main suspect. Thompson is now facing 31 charges related to drug distribution and illegal firearms possession. 

Police obtained a warrant to search Thompson's home on Monday and found 10 Ziploc baggies with suspected heroin mixed with fentanyl and $163 in small bills.

Upon searching his house police found the following items:

  • Sig Sauer .22 caliber handgun – loaded with 10 rounds (Reported Stolen)
  • Eastern Arms Company Shotgun – loaded with one round with the barrel cut down less than 16 inches.
  • Geha Bolt Action Shotgun
  • New Carolina Break Action Shotgun
  • Chipmunk Mfg. Inc. 22 caliber
  • Assorted Ammunition consistent with the firearms found
  • 15 bags of suspected heroin mixed with fentanyl  
  • Clear baggie containing 2.8 grams of suspected methamphetamine
  • 8 small baggies containing suspected methamphetamine
  • One Ziploc baggie containing brown substance of suspected heroin
  • 2 purple bags filled with orange strips of suspected Suboxone
  • Fentanyl patch
  • Suboxone strip
  • Multiple items of drug paraphernalia

Because of Thompson's criminal record, he is prohibited from owning a firearm. 

This arrest is the product of the Elkton Police Department’s continuing high enforcement effort to reduce the illegal drug trade in the Town of Elkton. Investigations into this type of activity are ongoing and more arrests are expected.