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Crystal meth bust in Cecil County

Police raid an Elkton home
Posted at 5:40 PM, Mar 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-13 17:40:57-04

Replacing the front door isn't your typical upgrade at this Elkton home on West Main Street.
It's a necessity after police broke in with a battering ram during a drug raid last week, which has raised tension here.

"Go up the street!  Get the hell out of here!  What the hell you here for?" screamed an unidentified woman from the doorway.
Police first suspected drug activity here a few months ago.

"Early part of January, our Street Crimes Unit began an investigation into illegal narcotic sales stemming from 239 West Main Street.  The residence of a Maggie Kegley," said Capt. Joseph Zurolo of the Elkton Police Department, "The investigation revealed that she was, in fact, using this location for distribution activity.  As a result of this information, we obtained a search and seizure warrant for 239 West Main Street and executed it on March 8th."
Inside the home, police say they discovered 11 bags of crystal methamphetamines, two digital scales and cash resulting in Kegley's arrest on a series of charges including drug distribution, and there was more.

"Fortunately, this case has revealed a lot of information.  I know we're continuing to investigate and track down information such as that.  We were fortunate enough to get a ledger.  We're going to call it a drug ledger, so we anticipate more arrests in the days to come as a result of this case," added Zurolo.
It has raised the stakes surrounding 239 West Main Street...

"Get the hell out from my house!" yelled the woman from the porch.
"They said it was 239," we explained.
"I don't give a @#$% what they told you!" she replied.
And despite denials at what police described as a drug house, there's no denying the heightened level of emotion now surrounding it.

"Bye, bye now!  @#$% retard!  You want a picture of something?  Picture this!" added the agitated woman.
Despite her arrest on a pair of felony drug charges, a judge set Kegley's bail at just $2500 and she walked out of the Cecil County Detention Center the following day.