9-year-old girl reports stranger danger

Suspect in van near Perryville Elementary School
Posted at 5:18 PM, Apr 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-28 17:29:28-04
Marked police cars have been a constant presence on Maywood Avenue in Perryville since Tuesday when a 9-year old girl reported the stranger danger.
"I sit out here all of the time.  I didn't see anything," said Dawn Cortright who lives on that same street.
She has remained on the lookout since learning of the description provided by police.
"There was a white panel van, a white male, brown hair in his mid-30s I think it said,” recalled Cortright, “That's scary.  That's really scary."
Perryville Police Chief Allen Miller says the incident reportedly happened at 6:30 on Tuesday evening.
"A white van pulls up to the front of one of the residence here in town and a 9-year-old child is out in front of the house and the driver of the van asked the child for a sexual favor," said Miller.
The police chief says in addition to added patrols and an ongoing search, he has shared a warning on the department's Facebook page, he's notified Perryville Elementary School of the incident just down the street from it and he's assigned a fulltime investigator to look into it.
"Any calls we get we will follow up on and we're hoping the public helps us out," said Miller, "Be careful.  Be wary.  Be aware.  If you see something, say something to us."
They are words of caution Dawn Cortright has taken to heart, since her granddaughter comes to stay with her from time to time and now she's not sure it would be safe to let her play in her own yard.
"She's three and she wouldn't be able to say anything or give a description or anything,” said Cortright, “So it really makes you wonder what's going on around here, you know?"
A week ago today, a middle school student in the town of North East reported a man in a white vehicle had offered her a ride on her way to school, but police say that was a four-door passenger car, while the Perryville incident involved a van.
So police do not believe it was the same suspect.