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Suspects charged with hammer attack in Westminster

Victim robbed while trying to collect debt
Posted at 6:43 PM, Dec 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-14 07:18:52-05

WESTMINSTER, Md. — It was five o'clock in the morning on Monday when an injured woman flagged down a dump truck in front of a house on Ridge Road in Westminster and had the driver call police.

Troopers arrested Andrea Brooks and Nocoya Kerral Johnson as they came out of the home and soon learned they had lured the victim there with the promise of a payoff.

“It appears that the victim and the suspects knew each other,” said Ron Snyder with the Maryland State Police, “The victim said that at least one of the suspects owed her money. They had called her and said that they were going to pay her that money and when she arrived on the scene, that's when she was accosted and allegedly robbed.”

Robbed after trying to collect $40 for an outstanding debt, and it appears these suspects meant business.

“The male suspect took a hammer allegedly and broke her window... her car window in while the female suspect sprayed her with pepper spray and then took her purse and cell phone,” said Snyder.

Troopers found a rental car with a broken window outside the house, the victim's purse sitting next to the front door and a silver hammer on the front porch.

Inside the car, investigators found a stun gun the victim claims she used to protect herself during the attack.

One suspect claims they used a hammer to disable the vehicle because the victim was acting strange and the other denies any involvement in the attack claiming they just showed up outside the car at five in the morning trying to bum a cigarette.

“Both suspects were charged with First Degree Assault and Robbery and related charges,” said Snyder, “The male suspect is being held without bail at the Carroll County Detention Center and the woman was released shortly thereafter.”

The victim suffered a cut to her right hand and pain from her face being doused with pepper spray, but once paramedics treated her on the scene, she refused transport to a local hospital.