Alleged victim in Taneytown arson threat case charged with making false statements

Posted at 3:01 PM, Jan 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-25 17:44:35-05
Branded as a man accused of threatening to burn down his girlfriend's Taneytown home, the case against 36-year old Donald Ealy came down to the testimony of the alleged victim and some damning text messages.
It now appears all of it was a lie.
Heidi Black is Ealy's sister.
"Friday afternoon, I was going about my business and I got a text message from her that told me that he was in jail and this was why and that she had sent those to herself,” Black said. “He didn't do anything wrong, and her main concern was, 'What am I going to be charged with?'"
On this day, 20-year old Alexandra Muse got an answer.
She faces a series of misdemeanor charges, including fabricating physical evidence and making false statements to police officers.
"At this time, all charges against Donald Ealy were Nolle prossed in Carroll County District Court this morning,” said Sgt. Brian Jestes of the Taneytown Police Department. “New charges in relation to this case have been filed against Alexandra Muse and the case is currently under investigation."
Ealy had been staying with Muse over the holidays, but left after they got into an argument.
He committed no crime, but he did make a mistake when he left his cellphone behind where Muse could use it to text herself with varied threatening messages in an attempt to incriminate him.
"He told me that no one asked him his side.  They just arrested him," Black saod.
While Ealy spent six days behind bars for an offense he not only didn't commit, but in reality, never happened, his sister says she understands why police fell for the set up.
"She doesn't have a record and my brother does not look good on paper,” Black said. “So I understand that, but as a sister and a mom and a woman, it makes me upset, because now women who are truly in a domestic violence situation are going to have to work double time to get the justice that they deserve because of people and situation like this."
On the advice of prosecutors, Ealy isn't commenting on the case, since he will now be serving as a witness rather than the accused.

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Muse is scheduled to appear in court on March 28. 

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