Woman robbed in armed bump-and-rob on I-95 South

Posted at 11:41 PM, Jun 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-02 23:13:51-04

Harrowing moments along I-95 before the sun came up Thursday morning.

"Scary to believe that in a blink of an eye something as small as a fender bender can turn into a life threatening situation," said Bryan Kodsi.

Maryland State Police say a woman was driving Southbound after leaving the casino, when a car hit her SUV from behind.

"This is a case where the woman was rear ended, she pulled over, she did everything that she was supposed to do, except these two men did not," MSP Spokesperson, Elena Russo said.

Instead of exchanging information, the two men attacked.

Investigators say the pair forced the woman out of her SUV and onto the ground at gunpoint.  Then they swiped a bag from her backseat and drove away.

We're told there were actually two identical handbags in the car.  One was full of cash, but that wasn't the one the crooks grabbed.

"We're not sure if this woman was targeted or if it was a random incident," said Russo.

Either way, drivers along the interstate say the bump and rob incident has them second-guessing how to react after a minor fender-bender.

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"Probably get out and look at the car first, so I don't think I would have done anything different from what she did," Boris Cherner said.

"I'm driving by myself today and it's kinda always in the back of my mind that something like that could potentially happen to a woman traveling alone,” said Maura Fennessy.  “So yeah, scares me."

"Very scary,” Kodsi said.  “And I’m glad she's safe, and hopefully they catch those guys."

Troopers don't have a good description if the two suspects.  We're told they were driving an older model four-door sedan.

If you know anything about this armed robbery, call State Police Criminal Investigators at 410-686-3101.

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