Woman, kids caught stealing tip money at Uncle Wiggly's

Posted at 6:24 PM, Jun 07, 2016

A woman and her children were caught on camera reaching into a tip jar and stealing the money from inside it, but the local business has decided not to press charges.

It happened at Uncle Wiggly's on York Road in Towson. An employee at the business posted surveillance video to Facebook after noticing the jar was empty at the end of the night.

The family took all the money from the jar – about $25. The woman paid with a credit card so the employees looked her up and learned she had a criminal history and was on probation. That's when they decided not to pursue charges.

"Automatically I thought about the kids. Do you really want to ruin someone's life over $20. I just wanted to embarrass her for the most part," manager Dana Smith said.

Employees said someone came in Tuesday morning, put $20 in the tip jar and asked employees not to press charges.

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