Witness: I watched him die from my front porch

Posted at 11:31 PM, Jun 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-08 00:20:05-04

Wednesday afternoon, Baltimore County Police responded to an armed robbery that escalated into a shootout. 

The suspect was killed on the scene, but it was a scary scene for neighbors. 

Carol Brooks has lived on Belclare Avenue for 75 years. She says they've all been quiet until now. 

"Boom, boom, boom boom. It was something like you see on television, like the OK Corrall or something like that," a witness said. 

It was around 3 p.m. when she saw a man hiding just feet away near the corner of Dundalk Avenue. He had a gun in hand and was firing at police officers. 

"He was beside the tree and she was right on him," a witness said. 

Baltimore County Police say a female officer was wounded in the shootout and the suspect was eventually killed. A third victim was shot as well. Several witnesses say she was bus driver. 

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Many of those witnesses were running for their lives. It was a dramatic, violent scene that some captured on their smartphones. 

**Warning, the below video contains graphic images and language. 

Police said the incident started when the suspect attempted to rob two people near the Logan Village Shopping Center. Police said he fled onto a MTA bus. Officers pulled the bus over and that's when things got out of control. 

"At some point during that engagement, the suspect fired at officers," said Baltimore County Police spokesperson Jen Peach. "The officers returned fire and shot the suspect."

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The suspect collapsed across the street next to a white van. Witnesses saw him continue to fire, injuring the officer. 

Brooks watched him die from her front porch. She says her mind is no on the officers who confronted him. 

"If it's the girl that got shot, I pray for her that she'll get well because she was a brave soul," she said.

The officer was transported to Shock Trauma where she's currently listed in critical condition. The other victim as transported to an area hospital where's she's expected to live.