Trooper breaks up illegal street race

Driver cited for criminal & traffic violations
Posted at 5:44 PM, May 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-08 17:44:15-04
The fact that illegal street rods often use the end of Kelso Drive in Essex for races isn't really a secret.
Participants and spectators, alike, post video of the races online, but on Sunday afternoon, the images they captured would have had a different flavor as a trooper in plain clothes caught them in the act.
"The trooper did observe two vehicles that appeared to be at a start point, which was surrounded by approximately 31-to-50 pedestrians.  Several of them were recording this incident," said 1st Sgt. Robert Quirk of the Maryland State Police, "The use of social media along with YouTube... social media usually invites this type of activity and they usually follow it up a day or so later of the events on YouTube."
Troopers say sometimes the drivers race for money, potentially thousands of dollars, and for the bragging rights.
On Sunday, the person behind the wheel of a blue Mitsubishi raced away from the start line as the trooper approached, but Michael Chen of Abingdon wasn't so fortunate.
"The trooper was able to make contact with the second vehicle, which appeared to be the second race participant and at that point, he was able to identify him, and he was placed under arrest," said Quirk.
Chen was behind the wheel of a white Chevrolet Corvette bearing a Delaware temporary registration at the time.
He was fingerprinted and photographed just down the street from where he was arrested at the Golden Ring barrack and released the same day.
Chen received criminal citations for disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace, as well as numerous traffic citations, but in the absence of a crash or serious injuries, illegal street racing only draws misdemeanor charges under current law.