Surveillance video released in Parkville jewelry store robbery

Posted at 10:18 AM, Dec 30, 2016

Cigarette in his mouth and hood on his head, surveillance video showed a man walk up to an exterior window at Poplar Fine Jewelry and Loan and start smashing it with a hammer, breaking the glass. 

Eventually, the crook used his hands to shatter the pane.

"When he gets a hole big enough for him to go into, he climbs into the store," said Baltimore County Police Cpl. John Wachter.

The entire crime was caught on camera.  As soon as the man stands up inside the business, he's back to smashing, grabbing jewelry from the cases.

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The security alarm was set off, but the thief takes his time, moving around the store almost as if he's browsing.

"Doesn't look like this guy was concerned with speed," Wachter said.

At one point, the burglar pulls out a bag, shoving his loot inside.         

He spends about three minutes raiding the cases before he breaks a new hole in the glass window and climbs out, making a not so graceful getaway.

"Climbed in through the window and made his way to this case then this case," said Poplar Fine Jewelry and Loan Manager Kevin Engel.

He says, they're still working to do a complete inventory, but the crook definitely swiped pocket watches, gold bracelets and rings.  The shattered windows and destroyed display cases are also a pricey fix.           

"Probably over $10,000 with the window and stuff like that, including out merchandise and stuff,” Engel said.

In the video, you can see the man was wearing gloves, but he also appears to have cut himself at some point.  

Baltimore County investigators combed through the store for any evidence the burglar left behind.  Police hope someone recognizes the bandit and gives them a call.

"Take a look at his face, take a look at how he walks, take a look at his clothing," Wachter said.

The break-in happened almost two-weeks ago, but it's still fresh for the people who work in the jewelry shop.  Now they just want peace of mind and the crook captured.

"It's driving me a little crazy,” Engel said.  “It's like our house, we're a family owned business and it's like someone breaking in and violating you, it cuts a little deep."     

This is the first time the 11-year-old jewelry shop has been burglarized, yet the store didn't lose a day of business over the heist.

The owner of Poplar Fine Jewelry and Loan is offering a $5,000 reward to catch the burglar.  If you know anything about this crime, give Baltimore County Police a call at 410-307-2020.

WMAR Staff contributed to this story.

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