Robbers target people walking on York Road in Baltimore

Posted at 3:36 PM, May 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-05 19:02:59-04

On any given day, York Road can be bumper-to-bumper, packed with cars and people walking, commuting,and exercising along the road's sidewalks. 

"You've got these young guys out here that want to be big, bad, and bold trying to prove a point, which is no use," Gordon Haynes said. 

He walks to the Walgreens three times a week. 

He says while news of robbers targeting people in the area doesn't surprise him, he's disappointed. 

"Think about if it were your mother, your father, your sister -- anybody in your family -- you wouldn't want for somebody to do the same thing that you're doing to somebody else," Haynes said. 

Baltimore County police have reports of three separate robberies last Sunday at different intersections along York Road. 

Two of them were early in the morning, give minutes a part from one another. 

Investigators say they could be related. 

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"There's a person who's walking either up or down York Road and a light-colored sedan drives by a couple of times slowly then stops, and a couple of people jump out, approach the victim, and demand cell phone, money, etc," Officer Jennifer Peach, with the Baltimore County police, said. 

Demands occasionally ending in violence. 

"...approached the subject, asked him if he had 50 cents, and then when the victim said that he did not, he punched him in the face and took his phone and took his wallet," Peach said describing a third robbery that happened on York Road later that night. 

It's a problem Gordon says should have everyone who walks along the road on high alert.

"They'll rob you for a penny or a dollar or whatever. I have been shot. I know what a bullet feels like."