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Racist flyer circulates social media after brawl at White Marsh Mall

Compares Baltimore teens to apes
Posted at 9:20 AM, Aug 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-14 10:59:40-04

A racist flyer related to a brawl at White Marsh Mall is causing controversy, comparing some young people from Baltimore to apes. 

The flyer has been making its way around social media, many are outraged, some even calling to boycott the mall. WMAR-2 News has decided not to show the flyer in its entirety because it is offensive.

This racist flyer is calling to stop what they describe as the "ghetto bus line" going from Baltimore City to the White Marsh Mall. The headline reads "Inner city youths riot at White Marsh Mall".

This flyer comes as two Baltimore County Council Members are calling for a change in bus services to the mall after hours after a recent fight there lead to the arrest of several teens and two adults.

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The White Marsh Mall sent the following statement regarding the flyer:

White Marsh Mall is an inclusive environment for everyone. We are outraged and disgusted by the flyer circulating social media and had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of it.

And the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Ben Jealous, also chimed in on Twitter saying, "Words cannot even begin to describe the sickness I feel in seeing young black residents of our state depicted in such a hateful way."

WMAR-2 News is still unsure where the original post came from.