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Police: Woodlawn shooter had 30-year history of run-ins with law enforcement

Posted at 9:47 AM, May 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-11 12:42:33-04

WOODLAWN, Md (WMAR) — "He’s a powder keg about to explode and he exploded Saturday," said neighbor Vogel Hill.

That's how neighbors describe the man police say murdered three of his neighbors, injured another, and lit his home on fire, causing another to collapse. He was shot and killed by police after refusing to drop his gun early Saturday morning.

Hill said it was the horrific culmination of 20 years of issues with the suspect, 56-year-old Everton Brown.

"He’s had encounters with everyone out here. Age doesn’t matter, if you were a baby to an old person, white, black Puerto Rican, he didn’t care. He was coming after you or harassing you," said Hill.

Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt said Brown also had numerous encounters with multiple jurisdictions over the span of 30 years including patrol officers and the Mobile Crisis Team.

Since 2008, neighbors filed 3 peace orders against the shooter.

"This situation should have never happened because it’s not like for the past 20 years we have not been telling the home owners association. I guarantee if you look up records, Baltimore County has been out here once a month," said Hill.

He had 2 guns legally registered to him but 1 was seized in 2010 by Baltimore City Police.

Hyatt said it’s evident he suffered from some type of mental illness, but they are not aware of a diagnosis.

"This was a horrible horrific incident and we are committed to picking through every piece of evidence every report every encounter but mental illness in itself is not a crime so part of what we are doing is looking through to see could there have been points of intervention, maybe not just by police but in general with this individual," said Hyatt.

Police are asking for patience as they work through their investigation. The Mobile Crisis Team is working with the community to provide resources needed.

"This is the second time standing here with Chief Hyatt in the wake of a mass shooting that we know has some nexus to a mental health component. Each of those situations were unique but taken together they have proven that we certainly need to take a more serious look at any gaps that may exist out there," said County Executive Johnny Olszewski.

GoFundMe's have been started for the victims: husband and wife Ismael Quintanilla and Sara Alacote; and recent college graduate Sagar Ghimire.